See this press alert  for information about the funding of various Mental Health reforms and emphasis on group caring in Victoria, Australia

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A Psychic Healer's Assessment of the Energetic Frequencies of the above Act

Fine Art America

Edgar Cayce as channelled through me states such:

The year 2014 was very auspicious for the revision and change of the Victorian Mental Health. Numerologicaly it represents a 7 which means major change on a trans-dimensional level, that will be sustained over a period of time.

The images I chose above can be seen as as arguing that a a lot of repressed energies from Mental Health consumers in Australia itself (not just Victoria) has coallsed needing real healing not just medication and other support services. The conventional system did not address the main issues that caused Mental illnesses; until the system was overwhelmed and could not cope with the people seeking treatment and support. 

By attending Koonung Clinic in Box Hill, I chose to see a pattern appearing. Some of the artwork on the walls depicted the sense of a wormhole similar to the purple image above. For me it represented a call to help and a call to action to shift various attitudes in Psychiatry that have become stuck - needing the input of fresh energies and free imaginative people. The wormhole has been open since the mind-1990;s and is enabling new and creative ways, methods and ideologies for reimagining mental health and rebuilding it for the very best answers all round with a multitude of consumes' needs being addressed.

A New Cosmic Relational Paradigm

I have worked with teams from Koonung Clinic in Box Hill close to where I live, and I have made significant progress in my journey of wellness on Earth, this time around. Basically I have learned how to psychically shift physical obstacles in my pathway to total financial and emotional wellbeing. Taking medication for me has been both a frustrating and rewarding process. On the one hand there have been various benefits such as the receipt of a Disability Support Pension that enabled me to leave a very challenging and exhausting job of delivering Italian food for a living which I did over a period of time, and kept going in and out of this work.  I feel that the stresses of this job contributed a lot to how i felt mentally, and emotionally, and that I just could not bear the life i was living any more.

So I set off in search of Holistic Healing, knowing and realising how sick I was. What psychiatry has seen is the entire network of connections that constitute a grouping or collective of people who are all a part of the psychiatric process of diagnosis and healing. In other words another person's issues may be projected on to others for support and healing; what might be terms a surrogate healing. This was the purpose of t he Shamanic Healing I was drawn  into: to take up various issues and to heal them for people who cannot do so because they lack the spiritual  and psychic background to do so. In doing the above, I  experienced both my own anger, grief and loss in rebirthing My Self and others in the best possible ways, as well as my sense of happiness that we are all making progress.