Communications Failure: Telepathic Trance Fields the Only Option; The Cosmos is Changing Frequencies; Vibrational Attrition

I have stepped into a vibrational field that enables me to access psychic and spiritual information regarding Qantas at will.

We are going to Bowers and Wilkins 805 D3 psychic and spiritual frrequencies: These hifi speakers have a  connection on multiple frequencies  to Edgar Cayce and his channelling skills and vibrational attunements. They are speakers that are very strong conduits of energy frequencies for connecting to Mozart DNA.

Cayce was Buddhist on multiple levels, even though he seemed caught up in the Holy Bible, and it was the Mahayana type of Buddhism which is connected to Tibet. This was what prompted certain people to think of him as a Bodhisattva. 

Edgar returned (as me) in a physical body that is actually the prototype for the sense of A Little Buddha; who would take psychic instructions from full on priests, the world-over. I would be tutted use the  numerical frequencies  of the numbers 3, 5, 7. and 9  to learn and grow into a multi-dimensional teacher and guru on Earth and in the cosmos. This cosmic destiny is still something I fight over, since I don''t want to be Buddhist but a New Age teacher and practitioner. The fundamental aspect to the New Age is learning Metaphysics or the psychic structures underlying the physical model on Earth, and understanding,healing and propagating through the auras that surround the physical  human being.

Based on the Cayce phenomenon, It is imperative to connect to my social psychic networks; we have to find the groups and their individual and collective frequencies to adjust people for telepathic trance levels of expression. This level of expression and creativity is sought by many even though it is very challenging to work with.

In the picture below, of the two hifi speakers,what is happening is that the left and right brain's psychic structures are in conversation with each other. This means that the psychic and physical systems are well-balanced and in a happiness to be in each other's lives and companionship. This in turn means that both the male and female of humanity connect for purposes of communion with each other which in turn ends loneliness and creates the power to build multi-dimenisinal  relationships on Earth and in the Cosmos.

In Australia, it is possible for both men, women and children to access programming  skills for  superconscious relationships and friendships.Take the recent screening of Paper Planes and You've got Mail for instance. Such narrative stories enable powerful connectivity between television audiences and script writers who are actually channelling stories and dramas that can be identified by a lot more people than thought possible. 

Qantas Influences

There is a connection in Qantas Australian circles of influence to search for other planets and worlds, especially after the disappearance of Malaysia Air MH 370. It is this underlying interest and curiosity which could lead to a huge communications overhaul, as Broadband  is developed with the awareness that telepathic communication between different peoples and communities can be come the norm, as time goes by. In other words Broadband frequencies can be accessed by people's brain waves and telepathic communication will be the result.

In this context and situation, it is predicted by Edgar Cayce that a Qantas flight, like Malaysia Airlines MH 370, will disappear from radar,to another level of expression. This  is in the 8th dimensional role modelling on Earth and in Arcturian airspace in the Bootes Constellation.

In this sense , Cayce the ET has called Home; and Home is answering him: what is out there, somewhere?

The Arcturians who I am a part of as a collective consciousness,  have been pulling various flights (especially) Qantas through. So when I have premonitions of something going down, I can feel it as a need to take a rest break, because even for me, the thought of such situation unfolding is difficult to cope with. Sometimes I feel ill. However, over the last decade I have learned to cope with psychic awareness and telepathic trance shifting of people's lives. to work out the best possible answers. 

Some of the ways this is shifted include:

People are seen as coming through to the physical as if they had passed through an psychic  energy  shift and could be picked up having landed at Tullamarine Airport safely  Ie there was a timing shift which could  be  a nano-second of being in a timeline that is edited and reversed so that the physical ending was causally dispersed into the best possible awareness and spiritual practice. So psychic and physical death is averted.This is fundamentally the case for many people onboard for whom the psychic and spiritual clock is ticking but not yet time to stop their heart and creative energies from going onward in life. In other words it is multiple miracles orchestrated by Cayce and a loving conglomerate of Acrturians who are working on Earth, and in the cosmos for the greater good.

Please see webpage MH370 for a sense of other worlds, teleportation, and psychic shifting.

See below:  Two different pairs of Bowers and Wilkins 805 Diamond 3 speakers

Regarding recent engine trouble sparks on Qantas A380 from L.A. to Melbourne

Karmic and Energy  Reversal

This recent mid-air incident regarding a Qantas A380 jet bound for Melbourne from Los Angeles was actually reversed. The plane's engines actually failed and blew up, as a mid-air explosion. 

As a result of other loving creative life forces there was cosmic intervention through me and others all connected together as a psychic

spiritual healing team. We assessed the situation from a distance and realised that a lot of people on board did not want to leave their current lives on Earth - in other words they did not wish to leave psychically and be  reborn in other future timelines because they would miss out on all the things that currently they find as supportive in their ives.