The basics of Reincarnation and Rebirth: Physical, Psychological, Spiritual

Reincarnation is about transcending the past where there were errors of consciousness;  for understanding of life on Earth, and the expression of the soul in co-creative endeavour,  in group of souls as well as individually. Reincarnation (for those who accept such) is learning the holism  that is creation, as existence and creativity. The term karma as a way to understand consciousness and beingness on Earth as well as in a extra-terrestrial cosmos, is the focus of all soul learning.

There are three type of  karma: organismic or physical, psychological or retributive and spiritual or energetic. All three aspects should be healed. On the physical level the body's organs represent what has been learned as the best possible balance between what to learn from in a loving manner rather than a self -destructive way of expression. So a lack of care for the physical plane will result in different forms of problems. Psychological is about the attitudes held towards life on earth and how challenges in relating to others is met. The energetic forms of karma are the mandalas which transmit transfer and express energiies. Therefore healing at this level is about fiending one's personal symbols through which energy was transmuted from spiritual through psychological to physical expression.

The basic channel for reincarnation and exploration of past, present and future life lines is a music al DNA, which today can be identified as a Mozart focus, expression and intuitiveness. This is a totally accessible pathway connected to Eastern metaphysics of the 7 major chakra as the awareness of the soul expression in the physical body and its exploration of life on planet Earth.

Karma is not immutable it can be shifted with a loving heart chakra energy; the main issue is not to massacre your self and others  as there is both the observer/helper and the creative beingness  of that karma itself. Karma is a very connected creative concept. Peaceful caring resolution is what makes sense to all concerned. The psychology of reincarnation points to understanding the physical expression of karma and expressing  this with total grace and creativity. Access to the expression of grace means having the courage to accept errors on earth and to correct this in a loving caring way, rather than in a punitive expunging of this problem or challenge.

Colour healing through the 7 main chakras and these chakras around Earth itself  allows creative expression for working through past life karma.Understanding positive and negative complexes in karmic healing and expression creates  transfers of awareness and understanding through interaction with others: how they reflect back to you who you truly are. 

Past life negative complexes  act as sabotaging influences that contradict leaning and expression of learning. Thus this has to be unraveled early in years for optimum expression of  positive karmic complexes. These are skills, talents, awareness and abilities that have been reconnected to the present life by memories accessed on a truly superconscious level.  The symbols for this trigger point is a jade elephant crystal that can be apart of the young child's bedroom. This stone is also well balanced for building a present life monetary power alongside past life skills, and is therefore a practical well balanced answer.

The Bach Flower Remedy Star of Bethlehem looks at all the past life karma that the Essenes at the time of Jesus worked out; whereby  karmic patterning and how to dissolve the karma that was connected in that soul cycle is starting to manifest in our modern world. We need to look at how to creatively focus on past life blending, expression and creative resolution

Another creative exploration of past lives is facilitated by use of Bach flowers water violet and a amethyst crystal to awaken socially-focussed energies from the past which creates new ongoing connections to people in your present life. Playing a version of Monopoly with using the symbol of the iron can open your auras to create expansive states of consciousness where people and their symbols can be connected to fundamental roles that they play in your life. Cameras are another way to link to people from past lives where the lens's zoom factor acts like a homeopathic dissolution of its vibrational energy which both creates and focuses boundaries between people and their relationships to one another. Find the right camera for you and focus on its zoom factoring, even a mobile phone camera has significant power factoring for this purpose.

Maseru Emota's point  that our thoughts affect the water that we drink, can be extended to finding one's past life attitudes, feelings and awareness affecting water as well, So it makes sense to find the symbols in your psychic self in order to harness its true potentials.

Itis good to have a past life healing and reading for children so that imbalances between ego and egolessness can be set sorted out. Most Importantly this will work  to unblock all channels which are negation of the highest creative balances in expression This should be sort in early childhood and in the formative years  between 5 and 6 years of age.

Practical Answers regarding the shifting of karma 

Water is very important (see Balance brand: for Australia and USA)

Use Bach Flowers: Vervain, Mimulus, Rock Rose, and Rescue Remedy

Choose a nice piece of Rose Quartz stone as well as Smokey Quartz and meditate on what you want to leann in terms of past lives. Alternatively check out images of these crystals online.

Connect with a Reiki Healer for a energy shifting session (or sessions)

Here are some ebooks that you can read for further information on Past Lives and their creative expressions 




 My Gallery of Images of these Past Life Connections, Images Sourced from the Internet. -

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I am using the above image of Mozart as a way to express my closeness to his sprit, ethos and abilities. As a psychic channel I actually tap into the historical Mozart and how his channelling expression has found its way to me as part of its eons of development.

Dr Edward Bach

Dr Bach's Flower Remedies were sourced from a combination of genetics that could channel information for these flowers on a totally inspirational channel. (Please also see my other related webpage on Dr Bach entitled Bach Flowers ).

Walt Disney:

A Desire in  Edgar Cayce to be close to children created this past-life connection