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The Core Architecture: Relationships and Energies

What is Energy?

What are Energy fields - conceptualisation, understanding, application

7 Main Chakras from India and Western awareness and understanding

Auras and Auric Data Fields

Computers - Calliberation

Timing; Releasing

Understanding computer microchip DNA

as used in computer colours  / sounds / patterns

Using commands to program understanding

Reprogramming computers - accessing images, and flower remedies,

use of computer generated imagery

Using keyboards and mice for visual and sound  convergence ( union)

Music and Vibrational Frequencies

Digital to analog converters (DAC); Hifi speakers - i.e. bedroom relaxation

The Anatomy of the Spiritual Vehicle We Drive 

Sourced from spiritscience.net

The 7 Chakras as seen above radiate spiritual and cosmic energies in a regular rhythmic patterning that can be programmed to manifest love, light, healing and peace on Earth. Further such engineering enables the manifestation of monetary powers to enable self-loving behaviours by both Humanity and Cosmic beings.

How the Chakras enable healing out of Schizophrenia 

Crown Chakra - What are the main lessons I am attempting to learn both from a cosmic perspective as well as the balancer of Earth 

Ability to reprogram your brain waves and reach superconsciousness, which then enables shifting of different states of consciousness.

 Third Eye chakra: Thought- "I can see where I am going"; Emotion: peace and happiness, fulfilment

Throat chakra: Creative expression; synthesis of ideas, values and actualisation of potentials; resolution of problems: especially ageing.

Heart chakra: Total integration of all past, present and future lifetimes/lifelines. What belongs in the past stays in the past.

Solar Plexus Chakra: No conflicts in expression and happiness at expression; will centre focussed on loving creativity not expression of anger

Sacral Chakra: Connections to others perceived as caring and supportive; making progress in one's chosen goals

Root Chakra: Financial/money problems needing resolution and focus for a happy creative fun filled life.

The Auras that Are  Around You: 

The colours of the Rainbow are used by the anatomy of the Spirit to convey the energies of the auras that surround the physical body.

Sourced from aurasandchakra.com 

Sourced from yourenergyfield.com

Working on Your Aura(Paranormal)

sourced from Internet: positivemed.com

Vibrations: The Source of Our Realities