Shorty shows he's a Welsh rare bit (from

JULY 13, 2009 12:00AM

SHORTY the pony put the horseplay aside yesterday as he took in the sights of suburban Melbourne.

The 12-year-old Welsh pit pony from Wandong has been in the care of 3AW presenter Nick McCallum and his two sons, Harry, 14, and Andy, 16,

since narrowly escaping the Black Saturday bushfires. His owner, Graeme Kurzman, had arranged for Shorty to stay with the McCallums and

other Melbourne families for the next six months as he rebuilt his burnt-out Wandong home. The miniature horse's tale of survival has amazed

his owner and his new carers. The Black Saturday fires destroyed the Kurzmans' property but Shorty miraculously survived by sheltering on the

tennis court along with the Kurzmans' four dogs, which tragically perished. The little horse has since become a celebrity, visiting schools,

kindergartens and daycare centres around Melbourne. Shorty was on his best behaviour yesterday during a stroll through Mont Albert.

McCallum said everyone who met Shorty fell in love with him. "One of the great joys of having him is when you walk him down a street like

Whitehorse Rd, people who drive past have this huge smile of their face.

My commentary: Shorty was saved from this awful fire by being teleported out so he escaped losing his life (at a time in which he did not want to leave) and was brought back through an Arcturian teleporter safe and sound. This was not the case for the dogs on this property at this time. 

I have had a personal miracle of a similar nature, when another driver going straight through on St Kilda Road and High Street Junction, collided with my green Hyundai Xcel Sprint hatchback. I was physically teleported out and then teleported back in so that my soul was brought back to my physical body in a matter of moments.

Another such situation happened on a trip to Tullamarine airport, where I swerved into the right lane from the left to avoid a impact with a car in front, and luckily did not collide with another car; and had space to go onwards. It was as if in a matter of moments the situation was rewritten magically to avoid a potentially fatal accident.

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