Malaysia Airlines MH 370 and a New World

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH 370 in 2014, which has not been found despite such a thorough search is a psychic and spiritual mystery. As an Energy Healer and Shamanic Power I have been able connect to where these people are and to start communicating with them. They are in a " fictional" region of space that was graphically demonstrated in the Star Trek film Insurrection, and called the Ba'ku Village.

This is an astral space (higher dimensional, as well as multidimensional) that is going to come into physical space in 3D as soon as possible. It has to be shifted by a concerted trance effort involving every one on Earth at the moment, and in the years to come.  Such a trance is being built by  a part of myself from a past-life Self from India, known as Brigu Rishi. The Rishi has massive paranormal skills and talents and has had yogic breathing and reconstruction powers to guide our planet Earth into a very different, more loving existence for all. 

The rebuilding of communications systems motivated by people's needs to feel connected to others and to share with others, has birthed the Internet, which is actually a psychic  construction that has manifested itself inphysical 3D planetary space.

The situation in our skies is about helping people by  guiding the interests and the choices and decisions that are generated for our needs in everyday life on Earth,for the purposes of soul and physical growth.

Synchronised Time Shifting and Jumping

A very recent paranormal happening that has come to my attention is about shifting physical timelines from a 3D portal on earthto a higher level i.e. the 8th dimensional level, in order to prevent tragedies such as airline crashes (especially in Australia, in relation to Qantas) and  in different parts of the world.

I Iterm this paranormal phenomena a video of time. So just like a normal video, a time shift can be incorporated and edited into the cosmic and earthly timing systems so that a bad situation on and around Earth can be changed. This means the edited timeline is free of the energy loss that occurred; while the actual happening is sent into a parallel reality / timeline to be dealt with in ways of processing it available in a future that will come to Earth at some as yet undefined time. 

Over some years now I have found that what I thought to be physical time i.e. linear, is anything but so. In other words it is episodic and structured in a way that enables timing on Earth to be speeded up. Thus what seemed like 2 years could actually come up as several episodes of time, where I have been stepping on and off a Hollodeck (as detailed in Star Trek), with a very different sense of real and experiential time.

Wireless Mobile Broadband Internet Service used multi-dimensionally, paid for by me

Over a period of time, there  have been and continue to be , situations where people from Pacifica use my Internet connection. This is  to create auric flowing of information and vibrational transferring of the energies of a rose quartz crystal matrix, for healing purposes.   Thus, people will care to live on Earth, despite the suffering they encounter. These people have been told that help will arrive one day, and their problems will be solved. 

Other Timelines other Texts

C.S. Lewis's Narnia narratives pose issues about paranormal other-worldly places and imaginative beings. They show the connections of time, space and interconnectedness, and the resolution of conflicts that still surface in different places.

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett: Magic and Nature

Joining A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment), USA

How are people on MH 370 going to link back to Earth?

In order to prepare for Teleportation from the Ba'Ku Village back to Earth, and for teleportation to be effective, it is imperative to have a psychic connection between souls and soul groups, and the cosmic forces that guide them. The above connections will lead to Group Psychic Readings that can be very helpful  hopeful. and inspirational, in understanding the issues involved. Therefore in order to rescue MH 370 and bring it / its people back to Earth, we will have to resolve what created the need to leave Earth in a tragic way, for so many young people. 

Please see Edgar Cayce's A.R.E and become a member in order to create the psychic linkages between multiple soul groups and your own family members and all of their friends.

Also, I need photographs and names from the families whose lives were touched by the disappearance of  MH 370, so I can get the main causative connections sorted out and work on healing them.

The following You Tube clips below are on different interrelated issues that are posed by the Cosmos for its own understanding of its Self, as well as humanity's understanding and appreciation for the Cosmos itself. 

Here below, find excerpts from You Tube that dramatise Star Trek's contribution to the Ba'Ku Village, which  is actually on the planet Pacifica.

It is my belief and hope that once our planet Earth and Pacifica connect on a 3D level that there will be intergalactic visitations, and mutual help and support for all  interested in learning about the different species that we are. 

Communicative Healing Frequencies: Bowers

The sonic audible frequencies of these speakers are connected to dolphin engineering. This means that as dolphins have hearing and communicative frequencies underwater, so too do Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) 804 Diamond Series 3 speakers such that they can create a sonic shift in the power animals in people's auras. In otherwords these speakers can give accurate insight and preventative care for people suffering various illnesses on Earth; well into 1000s of years of future Earth time.