Take Action Today to Heal Your Schizophrenia And Live a Joyful Life


Emotional Healing and Resolution of Conflicting issues within your personality and soul structure and its expressio

  • Take an online course with the Bach Centre (web details below) to understand your journey in terms of the pathway you have been on and would like to change to. This means doing some emotional awareness exercises and finding the right Bach Flower Remedies to heal out with.  Alternatively you can consult a Bach Flower Remedies specialist healer.
  • Listening to Reiki Hands on Healing music (Llewellyn), and music specifically used to alter states of consciousness and brainwaves (Hemi-sync).
  • Use an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet to access colourful images of the 7 chakras (as detailed earlier in  Overview on this site); as well as colours shapes and expressions of the auras that surround you; leading to profound changes in your well being and how you view yourself and the world you live in.
  • Learn about your past lives on Earth and how to release the energetic blockages and hence emotional issues and problems .. I that got tangled up and thus created self-sabotage in trying to live a decent life in your present life. 
  • Work on creating affirmations (strong positive statements) about the goals you would like to fulfil and see actualised; create a sense of accessing your potentials to change what you don't want in your life to what you ardently desire.
  • Buy a Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 2 music speaker for your bedroom and hook it up to your computer or mobile phone via Bluetooth and listen to digital music as mentioned above.
  • Keep a journal of your daily shifting strategies to rewire your brainwaves to accept profound healing on multiple levels including the chakras and cellular healing.
  • Explore the well-being you will feel with drinking Bottled Spring Water (specifically Balance water)
  • Testout Sunrider Chinese herbal Products to see healing potentials for the brain.

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