The Basics: Metaphysical Diagnosis of Cancer

(The information on this page is a combination of research work and psychic channelled data)

The onset, gestation, progress and final resolution of cancer is in the psychic and genetic blueprint of this affliction. This case stems from the fight between positive and negative complexes (ref. Awakening Past Lives: A Step by Step Guide to Self-Exporation) as the soul struggles to find its place on Earth and the Cosmos by balancing past life positive and negative karma. Any one with a diagnosis of cancer is bringing this in to heal their core chakra architecture where the throat chakra and the heart chakra must come to terms with all those people places and things that they are experiencing and having to both accept,  release and express. It is about being centred in the focus of now, and the promise of tomorrow rather than what was yesterday.

This positive complex or positive expression is about  peaceful resolution of authority conflicts with a sense of mission and purpose. In other words one’s sense of self and how this attunes to others around self especially with family members is important. it must be clear that there is more to be experienced  particularly by the young children and young adults diagnosed with cancer. It is as if the soul-connections these cases make is fundamentally what will guide them through the journey of judgement on this planet. In other words these groups of people have to open their heart chakras to a loving sense of what they feel motivated to express though the balancing of their throat chakras energies.

The negative karmic energies in people with cancer is about trying to close down their crown and their third eye structure so that they can be easily led rather than working for a brave and courageous battle against tragic forces on Earth. What is tragic is that various people have connections to other parts of this planet that are absorbed in a basic struggle for survival and hence expression. It is through acceptance of one’s rights to live and proposer on multiple levels, that must be got back and expressed so that the third eye can integrate information from all lifetimes and life lines from past, present and future. This awareness of the works of art and of nature will ground and help provide the very healing information that people afflicted with cancer need for a holistic healing of their symptoms of illness.

Basically, the past life energies  must be mediated, through time, so that people with cancer and those who might be psychically diagnosed in the future with such, leave the past and focus on the present time.

The metaphysical and energetic causalities  and holistic healing modalities include:

The 7 Chakras: Understanding,  activating, and balancing the 7 chakras or spiritual wheels of swirling energies that build the physical model for life on Earth.

Music as the healer: Attunement to the harmonics of violins - throat chakra expression: listening and meditating.

Please see page on this site regarding energy physics and healing

To understand what has been the  underlying connectivity on a physical planet we have to look carefully into the source consciousness that created this planet and its souls. This has been identified as a coalition of extraterrestrial forces led by beings from the Bootes Constellation where the Arcturian star is located. The Arcturian space conduit and wormhole enable access to their creative energies and healing patterns and constellations., which can come to Earth. Once this genetic source code is accessed it is possible to use its energies and engineering structures to reverse and heal cancer genes. Access to healing cancer through music connects to the Mozart Channel which is at 100% brain wave functionality and expression. Therefore music is the key to healing cancer as a expressed pattern of energies both positive and negative karma that has to be liberated for future performance and well being.

Locate and find a source for Apple iTunes music cards starting at $ 20.

Read barcode and card  information (numerals and letters) and see if any of it makes sense for you as connections to any numbers you associatewith your Self. Buy! The numbers are electronically connected and enables soul conscious healing, in and through music. The  barcoding of that  product  carries the music as a  connection to its healing frequencies and how these connect to people's lives and expression of life.

Past lives and cancer especially from Egypt, Greece and Turkey as karmic civilisational influences  (More on this later)

The true causes of cancer on Earth in multiple populations is linked to belief systems that were gestated in Olympian Greece where sports were the main causes of friction and rivalry between various people keen that their prowess would be seen and accepted. The physical body was so venerated that it unbalanced psychic expression on Earth, resulting in illnesses as ways to learn, grow and progress.

Issues to consider and work on; for Healing cancer 

Explore and use a Macrobiotic diet

Raja yoga meditation

Auric balances of input and output of energies

Get a dog or cat  for giving and receiving affection important

Heal all relationships that you have had and open up the potentails for new ones: see affirmations with Louise Hay

Sort out what you want to experience and what will energise you.

Break free of trances and trance connections-  take control of what you experience and what you want to continue to work on; nor just an automatic life 

Create a goal setting plan: what does getting well mean for you and how will you experience this and by when?

Open your heart to the love of life on earth and being a conscious creator with what  life has to offer

Attunement to music played through a violin is recommended for healing out of all cancer genes. 

References to follow up on