The silicon chips that are used in computers, are encodings of quartz crystal that has been programmed to record, store, and gestate information, in numerical binary 0-1 format. This is the most modern use of raw crystal energies, and is the most powerful crystal energy system that you can buy, simply because electricity runs through the chip and therefore animates it and expresses its metaphysical properties, and the flow of energies.

(see Love is in the Earth by Melody) 

So too the computer, tablet, iPad, and mobile phone have display screens that are very powerful and can in fact convey healing vibrations for good health, prevention of illness and amplify curative powers.

Apple iMac Desktop Computers

If you can afford it, an Apple iMac is a very very creatively powerful computer and display to use. The reason  being it quartz frequencies can in fact work  on the Apple diet that Cayce spoke of for cleansing and nourishing cellular health and regeneration. Further its vibrations enable lifelines to come into perspective and the ability to synchronise your life to the values your hold dear, in multiple levels so there is emotional convergence in your life and what you want to and in fact are picked up as representing.

See this site Sound Spectrum for holographic imagery that can be used in conjunction with your favourite music to explore colours, sounds, shapes, and layers of meanings. 

Apple Computers and Physical and Psychic Releasing - Vibrational Healing